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3001 White Bear Avenue N, Maplewood, MN 55109
1178 Burnsville Center, Burnsville, MN 55306
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About Hoff Diamonds & Gems in Maplewood and Burnsville, Minnesota.

Trust Hoff Diamonds & Gems to provide you with the finest products and prices with a local jewelry store feel. Hoff Diamonds & Gems is truly a family business that continues in the tradition of the company founded by Frank Hoff in 1938. Frank was a lifelong resident of the St. Paul, Minnesota, area and spent his whole life serving the local residents.

Expanding the Business
After entering the business in 1979, Frank's son Steve started expanding the company form the company's one store location. With many years of success, including opening stores in other states, as well as taking on internationally based partners, Steve Hoff decided to pare down the company to its roots in the Twin Cities. This included dissolving all corporate and commercial ties to their international partners, and liquidating their joint assets.

The Best Deals in Town
Now doing business in Maplewood Mall, the company has embarked on re-establishing the closer customer and community ties that allowed it to become a household name. The international ties that Steve established over the past 30 years allow this local company to bring diamonds and gems to the Twin City market that are unsurpassed in quality, value, and unique design.

Guests to Hoff's will "experience the difference" that only a local jeweler with international and broad domestic connections can provide. Hoff's gives their guests the best of both worlds.

Hoff Diamonds & Gems in Maplewood, MN

Starting a New Chapter
Hoff Diamonds & Gems has indeed come full circle. From a small store on the corner of Dale and Como streets in 1938, to 12 regional mall superstores in 3 states, and finally to 2 convenient mall locations with a selection of merchandise two-three times that of other mall jewelers: Hoff Diamonds & Gems is definitely back! Our second location in Burnsville Center is now open!

Contact us in Maplewood, Minnesota at (651)773-3464 or Burnsville, Minnesota at (952) 204-9349 for more information.